Rosemarie Fiore

The studio is happy to announce the inclusion of "Smoke Painting #44", 2018  in the Zachry Collection at Texas A and M University, College Station, TX

The work was created with a tool designed by A and M Engineering students.

"....This past semester, a group of engineering students at Texas A&M University has been working closely with an artist from New York to help her design a new smoke painting tool. Rosemarie Fiore isn’t a traditional painter. Instead of using paint brushes and paint, she uses fireworks and colorful smoke to create beautiful large-scale paintings.
Last month, about 100 people from the community witnessed Fiore create a new piece destined for the Zachry Engineering Education Complex. The team of students assisted during the performance, bringing Fiore new fireworks and helping her load them onto the tool they designed. That tool — Bring Your A Frame — was based off an earlier design Fiore created, but was modified to be more efficient.
Fiore said that art and engineering often work in tandem.
“They rely on each other and can create great things when applied together,” she said. “I think engineering is at its best when it extends beyond the mechanical into creativity and design.”
Fiore began smoke painting several years ago after accidentally burning herself with fireworks on the 4th of July. She instinctively dropped the fireworks and as it rolled across the pavement, it left behind a beautiful mark. Since then, Fiore has focused almost solely on smoke painting...." By Kim Foli Ikpo, Texas A&M University College of Engineering

See more by viewing the video here.

Solo Exhibition

Von Lintel Gallery | Los Angeles 
Von Lintel Gallery is pleased to present Fumogeno (translated from Italian, fumogeno is a smoke producing substance) — an exhibition of new work by Bronx based artist, Rosemarie Fiore. The exhibition marks the artist’s third solo presentation with the gallery.
Rosemarie Fiore’s unique paintings and drawings are made using the Surrealist invented painting technique of fumage - the act of using smoke for mark-making effects. Fiore’s process of fumage relies upon fabricated tools that allow her to harness the explosion of live fireworks in order to apply the pigmented smoke directly on the surface of paper. Her execution is as much about mark-making as it is about performance. The effect is a unique and vividly-colored surface that exists in a space between chaos and control revealing the dynamic dialog that is present between the two realms.
The works in this exhibition were influenced by Fiore’s recent experience at the Akrai Residency in Sicily. During her residency, she experienced the Sicilian pyrotechnic and confetti festival of La Sciuta di San Sebastiano. In response to her experience, Fiore incorporated confetti during the smoke painting process to many works in Fumogeno. The addition of confetti created a speckled, complex multi-color cloud-like areas that help to create larger unified areas in the work.
“With a unique twist on the notion of mark making, Fiore follows a long-standing tradition of challenging ideas of gestural abstraction - think Frankenthaler’s stains, Stella’s lines, and Twombly’s scrawling graffiti. But to further complicate the argument, the Bronx-based artist uses the mechanical to create stains, lines and scribbled marks combined with the more-meticulous techniques of collage in order to maker own statement.”
- Molly Enholm, Art Ltd.
Rosemarie Fiore received her BA from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville and MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Solo and group exhibitions include: Weatherspoon Museum, Greensboro, NC; MOCA, Jacksonville, FL; The Fields Sculpture Park OMI, Ghent, NY; The Savannah College of Art & Design Museum of Art, Savannah, GA; The Bronx Museum, NY; The Queens Museum of Art, NY and The Franklin Institute of Science, Philadelphia, PA. Her work has been reviewed by publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Art in America, The Village Voice and New York Magazine.
For additional information or visual material, please contact the gallery at 310.559.5700 or by email at


Rosemarie Fiore’ s “Smoke Painting” Performance
MOCA Jacksonville

Inventive mechanics, choreographed performance, and chance surprises come together in the work of Rosemarie Fiore. For the past fifteen years, she has been painting with colored smoke fireworks. For this performance, Fiore used a tool on view in the MOCA Jacksonville exhibition, Call & Response, for a community demonstration at Space 42. January, 2018


Arts & Ideas: A Q&A with artist, Rosemarie Fiore
January 26, 2018 // by Caitlin Swindell
Artist Rosemarie Fiore performed at Space 42, using The Quad Axel, a tool that allows her to create smoke paintings - two of which are currently on view at MOCA Jacksonville in Call & Response: Reinterpreting MOCA Jacksonville's Permanent Collection. We asked her to share her process as an artist with us.
Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville                  
A Cultural Institute of the University of North Florida
333 North Laura Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202


Rosemarie Fiore's Smoke Painting

MOCA Jacksonville, FL
Saturday, January 27, 2018 // 2 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Space 42 at 2670 Phyllis Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204
Event Description
Inventive mechanics, choreographed performance, and chance surprises come together in the work of Rosemarie Fiore. For the past fifteen years, she haspainted with colored smoke fireworks. At this MOCA Jacksonville signature event, Fiore will perform her technique using the handcrafted tools currently on view in the Museum's exhibition Call & Response.

This event is free and open to the public.
Register      HERE
Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville                  
A Cultural Institute of the University of North Florida
333 North Laura Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Group Exhibition

Reinterpreting MOCA Jacksonville’s Permanent Collection

OCTOBER 21, 2017 - APRIL 1, 2018
In 2016, the Museum adopted a new thematic collecting strategy that celebrates and guides the direction of the Permanent Collection. As it supports a wide array of art-making practices, the six themes explore “Art as Social Commentary,” “The Evolution of Mark-making,” “Material as Meaning,” “New Media,” “Process and Object Relationship,” and “(Re)presentation.” The exhibition Call & Response unveils these collecting areas to the community for the very first time. To illustrate their ongoing relevance in contemporary dialogues, MOCA Jacksonville invited a handful of artists to engage with the collection and participate by either the creation a new work of art or presenting an existing piece for inclusion in the exhibition. By doing so, the Permanent Collection acts as a springboard for artists to respond in a variety of ways and media-from sharing new work inspired by the Permanent Collection's themes and then placing them in conversation with one another.

Invited artists: Olaf Breuning, Adrian Esparza, Rosemarie Fiore, Carly Glovinski, Beth Lipman, Willy Le Maitre, Luke Murphy, teamLab, Norwood Viviano, and Brigitte Zieger
Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville
A Cultural Institute of the University of North Florida
333 North Laura Street  
Jacksonville, Florida 32202  


Visiting Artist: Rosemarie Fiore
  • Lecture
  • Sunday, October 8, 2017
  • 7:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Six distinguished Visiting Artists and Writers visit the residency per month. Each Visitor offers a public slide talk or reading, and is available for a private studio visit/writing conference with residents working in their medium/genre.

Vermont Studio Center, 80 Pearl Street, Johnson, VT 05656, USA 802-635-2727


"Colossus: Smoke Eclipse Scroll",  Performance
The Weatherspoon Art Museum Uncg
January 2016

UBS Art Collection

"Smoke Painting #38", 2013 and a full set of works from the Dieu Donne 2015 benefit edition "Smoke Painting Eclipse" are now part of the UBS Art Collection, Zurich, Switzerland.
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