Rosemarie Fiore
Book List for Performance of “Appetite”, 2000

1. “The Dance of Intimacy”, Harriet Goldhor Lerner
2. “Winning Through Intimidation”, Robert J. Ringer
3. “A New Guide to Rational Living”, Albert Ellis and Robert A. Harper
4. “Headache Relief”, Alan M. Rapoport and Fred D. Sheftell
5. “Predictable Crisis of Adult Life”, Gail Sheey
6. “The Womanly Art of Breast Feeding”, LaLeche League International
7. “Your Complete Wedding Planner”, Marjabelle Young Stewart
8. “Think Yourself Well”, Bernie Ward
9. “Transcendental Meditation”, Maharishi Maheshi Yogi
10. “Breaking all the rules”, Nancy Roberts
11. “Communication: Key to Your Marriage”, Norman Wright
12. “The Power of Positive Thinking”, Norman Vincent Peale
13. “Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problem”, Richard Ferber
14. “How to Sell Anything to Anybody”, Joe Girard
15. “The Divorce Handbook”, James T. Friedman
16. “The Millennium Bug”, Michael Hyatt
17. “Living, Loving and Learning”, Leo Buscaglia
18. “How to Protect your Home Against Hazards”, Ralph Treves
19. “10 Minute Total Shape-Up”, Consumer Guide
20. “The Stop Smoking Diet”, Jane Ogle
21. “How to Prepare for the Coming Crash”, Robert Preston
22. “How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People” Les Giblin
23. “Get Your Message Across”, John R. Diekman
24. “Overcoming Hurts and Anger”, Dwight L. Carison
25. “The inner Path From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be”, Terry Cole Whitaker
26. “Risk to be Healed”, Joyce and Barry Vissell
27. “The Omega Strategy”, William Montepert
28. “The Fit or Fat Woman”, Covert Baily
29. “Excess Baggage”, Judith Sills
30. “Your Road to Recovery”, Oral Roberts (signed by his entire family)
31. “Selling is a Woman’s Game”, Nicki Joy
32. “Good Parents for Hard Times”, Kock Freeman
33. “Consumer Guide to a Flatter Stomach”, Charles T. Kutzelman
34. “Going within”, Shirley Maclaine
35. “How to Get Out of Debt and Stay Out of Debt”, Jarold Mundis
36. “How to Control High Blood Pressure Without Drugs”, Robert L. Rowan
37. “Turning Your Stress into Strength”, Robert Schuller
38. “How You Can find Happiness During the Collapse of western Civilization”, Robert J. Ringer
39. “Mastering Decision Making”, National Institute of Business Management
40. “How to Save Money on Almost Everything”, Neil Gallagher
41. “The One Minute Father”, Spencer Johnson
42. “Looking Out for #1”, Robert J. Ringer
43. “You Are Very Special”, Verna Birkey
44. “The One Minute Manager”, Kenneth Blanchard
45. “Improving Your Child’s Behavior Chemistry”, Lendon H. Smith
46. “Living With Your Bad Back”, Robert G. Addison
47. “Finding a Job You Can Love”, Marketpi Ace
48. “The Power of Ethical Management”, Kenneth Blanchard
49. “What You Should Know About Fiber”, Earle Mindell
50. “Full Catastrophe Living”, Jon Cabat-Zinn
51. “Getting the Love You Want”, Harville Hendrix