Wave Hill Winter Workspace 2017

January 3February 12, 2017 

Wave Hill opens Glyndor Gallery as workspace for New York-area artists, giving them the unique opportunity to explore the winter landscape as a source of inspiration. Intimate exposure to Wave Hill’s thriving plant collections allows each artist to develop innovative work based on direct observation and communion with nature. Artists will share their studio practice with the public through interactive workshops and drop-in Sundays.

Drop-in Sundays: January 15, 22 & 29 and February 5, 1‒3PM (Two to three artists will be present in their studios to talk about their work in progress. Check for details.) 
Open House: Saturday, February 11, Noon‒3:30PM (All artists will be present to discuss their work.)

Press release here.

Wave Hill
A public garden & cultural center
675 West 252nd Street
Bronx, NY

Book Release

Fiore, a 2002 Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program Fellow, is included in the book
Artists to Artists: Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program Volume 2 (2002-2016), released in November 2016.


Catalog Interview for "Skillshot, The Collaborative Art of Pinball", with Mark Porter, director of Glass Curtain Gallery, Columbia College, Chicago, 2016.

Group Exhibition

Real & Implied​

ELEVENPLAY x Rhizomatiks Research
Jonathan Moore
Suzanne Opton
Rosemarie Fiore

“Real & Implied” calls to mind the tendency of political campaigns to appeal to exaggerated notions. In this context, what is real and implied in the exhibit is a sense of danger and violence. The work of the four exhibiting artists does not directly address electoral politics or violence, but suggests a distance between rhetoric, technology and impacted lives.

Rosemarie Fiore’s “Gunflake Series” first appears as harmless and intricate as a snowflake but the source imagery of each “flake” hints at both the long history implicit in America’s gun culture as well as the mundanity of the gun’s place within contemporary society. Rosemarie Fiore’s visit is supported by the University of Idaho Art and Design program. Fiore will be giving artist demo on Thursday at 11:30 a.m. in the Art and Architecture North Printmaking studio. Support for the demo is provided by the University of Idaho ROTC program.
University of Idaho Prichard Art Gallery
414 S. Main St., Moscow ID 83843
Corners of 5th and Main Street
Phone: (208) 885-3586



To celebrate the occasion of "TOTAL PROOF: The GALA Committee 1995-1997" and the newly published twenty-year survey of Grand Arts – one of the commissioning institutions that supported GALA’s "In the Name of the Place" – join transcendental tour guide Timothy Speed Levitch for a dynamic cruise through creative practice, as artists, writers, and thinkers from the Grand Arts constellation take the stage to puzzle out heady questions of risk, magic, pleasure, ghosts, and what comes after art. 

With musings by Mel Chin and Michael Jones McKean, artist interviews by Maria Elena Buszek, and guest appearances by Emily Roysdon, John Salvest, Rosemarie Fiore, Filip Noterdaeme, Stephen Lichty, Christophe Thompson, an exclusive multiple by Spurse, and many others featured in the just-released "Problems and Provocations: Grand Arts 1995-2015." Presented by Fathomers and Red Bull Studios New York. 

Book Release

  • Fiore's "Good-Time Mix Machine Scrambler Paintings" project is featured in:

    Problems and Provocations, Grand Arts 1995-2015 
    by Stacy Switzer (Editor), Annie Fischer (Editor), Margaret Silva (Foreword)
    Grand Arts, a contemporary art project space in Kansas City, MO, quietly but radically tested the limits of institutional and artistic support for nearly two decades. In helping more than 120 national and international artists realize projects considered too difficult, provocative, or complex to attract funding and support otherwise, the gallery achieved insider fame and deepseated respect as a bastion of generosity and risk. Now, as its final endeavor, Grand Arts gamely interrogates its values, methods, outcomes and legacies in Problems and Provocations: Grand Arts 1995–2015―an indispensable source book on creativity, collaboration and what it takes to realize a major work of contemporary art.
    The volume documents 30 key projects from Grand Arts’ previously unexcavated history, by artists such as Alice Aycock, Patricia Cronin, Rosemarie Fiore, Ellie Ga, Alfredo Jaar, Isaac Julien, Annie Lapin, Laurel Nakadate, Filip Noterdaeme, William Pope L., Tim Rollins & K.O.S., Emily Roysdon, Tavares Strachan and the Propeller Group. Recent annotations and previously untold stories by artists and collaborators complement an archival deepdive of photographs, artist proposals, sketches, notes, internal documents and items of private correspondence.
    Essays by Pablo Helguera, Iain Kerr, Gean Moreno, Emily Roysdon and Rob Walker explore the models, practices ethics, and futures of art institutions, and a critical study conducted by the research studio RHEI identifies and describes Grand Arts’ distinctive model of support.
    Part retrospective, part how-to guide, Problems and Provocations actively leverages Grand Arts’ past to engage problems of theoretical and practical interest to cultural producers moving forward― and serves as essential reading for today’s artists, students, curators and all those interested in tales of unpredictable ventures in the world of contemporary art.
  • Paperback: 448 pages
  • Publisher: Grand Arts (September 27, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0692625534
  • ISBN-13: 978-0692625538
  • Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 1.4 x 10.2 inches

Group Exhibition

Glass Curtain Gallery / Skillshot, The Collaborative Art of Pinball

September 6 - November 5, 2016
Opening reception and catalog release party: September 23, 6-9pm
Skillshot, The Collaborative Art of Pinball presents pinball machines as interactive artworks that are created through a collaborative process involving many skilled artisans such as designers, sculptors and engineers. As Chicago is the birthplace and world headquarters of pinball, Skillshot intends to capture the spirit and momentum of this dynamic art movement by highlighting the accomplishments of both industry professionals and enthusiasts. The exhibit will feature pinball machines, documentary videos, zines as well as original pre-production illustrations and sketches by iconic pinball designers.
Curated by Mark Porter. 
Participating artists include 
 Rosemarie FioreDoug Watson, Greg Freres, Jon ChadAlec Longstreth, Angela Drokba (The Trophy Witch),  Stern Pinball Inc., 12 for 12, Dirty DonnieJeremy Packer (Zombie Yeti), Rob Karlic and Gene X Hwang. 
For more information: Mark Porter, 

Columbia College Chicago, 104 S Wabash Ave, first floor, Chicago, IL 60605

Public Performance

In Plain Air
Saturday, July 23 at 2 PM
The Fields Sculpture Park
Rain Date: July 24
Omi Visual Artist Residency alumnae Peggy Cyphers, Rosemarie Fiore and Portia Munson and Fields artist Margaret Evangeline will create one-day temporary pieces in The Fields Sculpture Park. Works include sculptures, on-site installations and hanging works in the trees. Artists will engage in a combination of performances and informal talks throughout the day.
Free and open to the public.
1405 County Route 22, Ghent, New York 12075  |  (518) 392-4747  |

Fidelity Corporate Art Collection

A full set of works from the Dieu Donne 2015 benefit edition "Smoke Painting Eclipse" are now part of the Fidelity Corporate Art Collection, Boston, MA.

Group Exhibition

Heliotropes @Geary Contemporary, NYC
James Case-Leal, William Cordova, Angeles Cossio, Marsha Cottrell, Chris Duncan, Igor Eskinja, Rosemarie Fiore, Nicolai Howalt, Owen Kydd, Gustavo Prado, Hanna Sandin
Curated by Matthew Nichols
June 9 – July 15, 2016

Geary Contemporary is pleased to present Heliotropes, a group show curated by Matthew Nichols that features work by James Case-Leal, William Cordova, Angeles Cossio, Marsha Cottrell, Chris Duncan, Igor Eskinja, Rosemarie Fiore, Nicolai Howalt, Owen Kydd, Gustavo Prado, and Hanna Sandin.  The exhibition will be on view from June 9 to July 15, 2016.  An opening reception will take place on Thursday, June 9, from 6 to 8 PM.
The word “heliotrope” names at least two particular things in the world: a popular garden plant that turns its purple flowers toward the sun; and a mirrored instrument once used by land surveyors to reflect sunlight across long distances.  As the title of a summer group show, the word is being creatively misread to encompass an array of visual motifs that address the sun and explore its numerous attributes.
In some of the works on display the sun appears in familiar pictorial guises – as a disc, an orb, a spray of radiance.  In the hands of other artists, the sun is referenced obliquely, through its manifold effects on our terrestrial realm – warmth, illumination, rotation, nourishment.  The formal and metaphorical range of the works is wide, and is matched by a diversity of materials and processes, including novel approaches to painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture.  As such, Heliotropes not only confirms the obvious centrality of the sun to our earthly existence, but also speaks to its otherworldly resistance to full comprehension and singular representation.
Matthew Nichols is Associate Professor of art history at Christie’s Education, New York.


"Colossus: Smoke Eclipse Scroll",  Performance
The Weatherspoon Art Museum Uncg
January 2016

UBS Art Collection

"Smoke Painting #38", 2013 and a full set of works from the Dieu Donne 2015 benefit edition "Smoke Painting Eclipse" are now part of the UBS Art Collection, Zurich, Switzerland.

Book Release

Fiore's RetroGame time-lapse photography work is featured in:

Photoviz: Photography and Illustration: Visualizing Through Photography
The stories told with graphics and infographics are now being visualized through photography. Photoviz shows how these powerful images are depicting correlations, making the invisible visible, and revealing more detail than classic photojournalism.
Nicholas Felton, Sven Ehmann, Robert Klanten
Release Date: 
April 2016
24 × 30 cm
Full color, hardcover, 256 pages
About This Book
Photoviz explores the intersection of photography, infographics, and data visualization. Combining cutting-edge technology and classic photographic techniques enables us to tell stories and visualize information more powerfully and compactly than ever: a full day of flights all at once, invisible Wi-Fi networks, global trade, intimate psychology, movement, time itself, and more.  The concept of Photoviz invites us to simultaneously reinvent our collective reality and demystify our surroundings.
Within this mesmerizing photographic world, striking images reveal the power of tools ranging from long exposure and slit-scan photography to post-processing, collage, and metadata. Photoviz is a source of inspiration and a crucial resource for designers and photographers alike.


Solo Exhibition

exhibition and performance images

January 16 - April 17, 2016
The Weatherspoon Art Museum at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro is very pleased to present the exhibition  Colossus – Rosemarie Fiore: Falk Visiting Artist. Inventive mechanics, choreographed performance, and chance surprises come together in the work of Rosemarie Fiore. For the past fifteen years, the artist has been painting with colored smoke fireworks. Unlike the gunpowder based explosives frequently associated with the term firework, these silent devices release plumes of bright pigments, rather than colored flames. Fiore crafts tools that both hold the smoke canisters and allow her to contain and direct the particles they release. With small versions of these tools, she can work alone, merely tilting her wrist or bending a finger—to guide the smoke across a sheet of paper. With larger tools, she must enlist multiple people to bend, lift, and pull together.

Regardless of her exact tool and process, Fiore’s paintings result from the combination of direction and chance—she selects the color of smoke canister and steers its release, but variances in heat, air current, and rates of combustion ensure that its marks defy prediction.

"The artist is truly working in partnership with her tools and materials," says Curator of Exhibitions Emily Stamey, "and the results are stunning." Stamey also notes that "we are fortunate to be able to present not only these dynamic paintings, but also a selection of the tools Fiore used to create them, and those tools are likewise exciting artworks in their own right."

Until recently, Fiore’s drawings comprised frenetic arrays of dots and dashes, complex fields of marks with vivacious energy. Her more recent paintings, however, offer quieter compositions—just a handful of circular forms appear to hover and pulse rather than dash and dart. These new works invite a more measured, meditative consideration.

Fiore comes to Greensboro as a Falk Visiting Artist. Since 1982 the UNCG Art Department has partnered with the Weatherspoon to bring nationally and internationally recognized artists to campus through this program. While here, Fiore will work closely with UNCG graduate students and give a public lecture about her work.

Rosemarie Fiore received her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her BA from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. Her earliest Firework Drawings were developed at the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program in New Mexico; the Smoke Eclipse paintings were created at Sculpture Space in Utica, New York; and her newest tool, Colossus, was built here at UNCG with help from Art Department faculty and students. She lives in the Bronx and is represented by Von Lintel Gallery in Los Angeles.

As the Spring 2016 Falk Visiting Artist at the Weatherspoon and the Art Department at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Fiore will present a lecture about her work and meet with MFA graduate students. Special thanks to Christopher Thomas, Studio Foundations Coordinator, Department of Art, UNCG and the 2014/15 Falk Visiting Artist Committee.

Solo Exhibition


Von Lintel Gallery is pleased to present Eclipse — an exhibition of new work by artist, Rosemarie Fiore. The exhibition marks the artist’s second solo show with the gallery and her first in the city of Los Angeles.
Rosemarie Fiore’s unconventional paintings and drawings are made by exploding and containing live fireworks. She alters and builds devices to harness the chromatic and mark-making effects of smoke bombs to create vividly-colored, multi-dimensional works.
Large-scale abstract pieces boast complex, highly sculptural surfaces that hum with the vigor of experimentation and vibrant imagination. Using a rolling machine of her own invention, Fiore wields burning fireworks like paintbrushes to impart deep blues, rusted oranges and bright magentas onto paper. As the device spins and twists, expressive traces generate in its wake. The process continues with the artist cutting, scoring and tearing the color-drenched material into overlapping circles and lines; creating a dense tapestry that amplifies the firework’s forceful and unpredictable dynamic.
The more intimate pieces focus on the smoke. Here, the artist controls the aggressive burst of the firework to yield minimalist, ethereal compositions that capture the ephemeral footprint of the initial blasts. Clouds of transparent color land in concentric circles and blend with the ease of pastels. A spare collage of cut circle patches intertwine with rhythmic streaks and shimmering grit. In the end, the work is a meditation between machine and artist, chaos and control.
For additional information or visual material, please contact the gallery at 310.559.5700 or by email at

Solo Exhibition

October 5, 2015- January 6, 2016
reception: October 19, 2015    6-8 pm
Lehman College Art Gallery, Bronx, NY

Rosemarie Fiore: Smoke features Fiore’s Fireworks Drawings and Smoke Paintings, two series of dramatic gestural abstractions that are literally the result of pyrotechnics—primarily color smoke bombs whose exhaust Fiore harnesses using machines she creates. Their lush, saturated colors and lyrical passages result ironically from the power of explosions of things which also can include jumping jacks, monster balls, rings of fire, and lasers.  For Fiore the fireworks and machines offer another approach to mark-making, an alternative form of paint and brush. In earlier work Fiore has adapted and repurposed familiar machines — waffle irons, hand-held kitchen mixers, Subaru rear window wipers, floor polishers, lawnmowers, pinball machines, and carnival rides—mechanizing the process and opening it up to chance and the unexpected. It is a process that lends itself to performance and, in the instance of the “Smoke Painting” series, involves a rhythmic choreography as she directs the machines. The finished works document her movement and interactions with the paper. Built in a succession of many layers, the drawings undergo revisions and editing as the work evolves, balancing chance with volition and unpredictable variables with aesthetic choice.

Benefit Limited Edition Dieu Donne Papermill

Pigmented abaca pulp on cotton base sheet, colored smoke drawing and collage
18 x 18 inches, each
Three variable editions of 5
Individual: unframed $1,800 each or framed: $2,000 each
Set of three: unframed $4,800 or framed $5,400

Dieu Donné announces the release of Smoke Painting Eclipse, three new limited editions in handmade paper by Rosemarie Fiore. The edition is released on the occasion of the 2015 Annual Benefit & Auction, celebrating 25 Years of Artist Residency Programs at Dieu Donné. Fiore was an artist-in-residence in the Workspace Program for emerging, New York State based artists in 2001. 

Collaborating with Artistic Director Paul Wong, Rosemarie Fiore brings together two ancient media (paper and fireworks) that fully incorporate Dieu Donné’s working methods with her own. In the Dieu Donné paper studio, Fiore and Wong created custom sheets of cotton paper, each with a base circle of flourescent abaca pulp in either blue, yellow, or pink. Fiore then used smoke emitting fireworks and a round metal lid Smoke Painting tool to manipulate the color smoke and mark the paper with concentric circles and transparent circular forms. Works in the edition also feature collaged cut circles of smooth, metal-dried paper that were colored by fireworks.

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